Patternland Weave Simulator for Windows 6.06

Maple Hill Software released our all new Patternland Weave Simulator for Windows version 6.0 on August 1, 1996. Our new program combines the graphical user interface of Microsoft Windows with the best of all our DOS programs' features, including those from Weave Publisher and Pattern Grapher. PWSW requires Windows 3.x or Windows 95 and a 386 PC with 4MB, and runs best on a 486 or Pentium computer with at least 8MB. Version 6.06 was released on January 25, 1998. A Trial Edition of the program is available by mail (good toward program purchase), or you can download it from our Web Site for free. Our new Patternland Step-By-Step Guide Part 1 can also be downloaded from our Web Site, printable from MS Word 6.0 or 97.

Patternland Weave Simulator for Windows Version 6.06 features include:

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Ravi Nielsen, Programmer & Jyoti Coyle, Artist/Weaver

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