Downloading Weave Simulator Trial Edition / Program Updates

Note: Download is provided for current licensed users. Patternland requires a 32-bit Windows OS.

The Trial Edition comes with a 21-day license to evaluate the program. It contains all the on-line help and the full program code. However, it is restricted in several important ways--you can't save files or print out the full weaving, but you can print small sections to get a feel for Patternland's extensive capabilities. The Trial Edition is designed to encourage you to purchase the Single User License if you like what you see. The License registration file is available by Email or SnailMail. Once installed, the registration file immediately unlocks the full potential of the program. An order form is included in the online help.

If you already have a license you can download a new Trial Edition to update your program. If you want to check on the latest version number or see the changes in each release, you can read the version listing file on our What's New page. Click What's New in the latest version to read it now.

Click below to download the latest version of the program.

Download: Patternland Weave Simulator Trial Edition V. 6.07 (1.2MB)

If all goes well, your browser will offer to save the file "setuppws.exe". (If you have problems, see below.)  Pick a convenient temporary directory or accept your normal download location. Click Save.

To Install the Trial Edition: The file you downloaded is called "setuppws.exe". It is living in the directory you selected when you saved it. You just need to run this setup program. From Program Manager File|Run or Windows95 Start|Run, type [tempdir]\Setuppws, where "tempdir" is the name of the directory you put the downloaded file in. Follow the setup program instructions.

If you have problems:

If your browser starts spitting the exe file out to the screen when you click above, you can try downloading a zipped version. You will have to unzip it, so use it only if necessary.

Alternate Download: Trial Edition zipped (1.2MB)

After you download the file called "PWSETUP.ZIP", you should move it to an empty temporary directory and unzip it. It will create a single file called "setup.exe". Then from Program Manager File|Run or Win95 Start|Run, type [tempdir]\Setup, where "tempdir" is the name of the directory you put the file in.

Downloading Part I of Patternland Step-By-Step How To... Reference Guide by Jyoti Coyle

Part I of Patternland Step-By-Step includes the table of contents and many basic topics. See Patternland Step-By-Step for details. While you may wish to order the printed manual, this first section will give you a good feel for it.

You may want to order the printed version too, but Part I (Table of Contents, and 35 pages) has lots of good information and would give you a good feel for it. Be forwarned that while the file is only 400K to download, you will need 18MB of free disk space to unzip it. Then, with a copy of Microsoft Word for Windows you can print it. Alternatively, you can view it with Word, which lets you see all the color illustrations on screen. The printed version is available by mail from Maple Hill Software.

Download: Part I: Patternland Step-by-Step (zipped MS-Word 6.0 doc)

After you download the file called "STEP1.ZIP", you should move it to a convenient directory (you could use \pwsw) and unzip it. It will create a single file called "512part1.doc". Use Microsoft Word for Windows or another word processor that can read Word formatted files to view or print it.

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